Thursday, November 10, 2005

Trying to Get aHEAD !

After all I've been through in this life I have found its almost impossible to get ahead...

Sometimes the weight of the world is just too much and I feel like there's a giant hand crushing my skull....shoving me back into the dust from whence I came.

Times are hard and "The Man" keeps you down to where its almost impossible to make an HONEST living. (which is why I went to stealin in the first place.)
The only way I was to get outta the thievin occupation was to cut a sweet deal with Pat Garrett and split my own reward money..
Plus the extra money we would make off of my supposed Death makin him famous (I would later get a piece of his story sellin money...

I mean $5000.00 aint squat these days (couldnt buy a decent horse) but back then you could get 2 Sin-yorita's and a bottle of whisky for a $5.00 gold piece.

A good stiff drink cost around $5.00 and a decent motel room is way above $50.00
when I first started out (as a KID!)
by bounty wasnt $50.00!

makes me wanna go back into the business!!!



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