Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Jesus and Bartenders Hear It All !!

Have you ever felt like Dorothy in the Wizzard of Oz ? Like the whole world was twisting around you and you either had to move with it or get out of the way?
I tend to be a story-teller...A person who finds pleasure out of tellin a good story ( I,m not talking about the story Pat Garrett told about shootin me), mine are not for personal gain but for fun. A good story-teller can put you in his shoes and help you to visualize what he is talking about, We used to sit around the campfire and tell stories to each other just to past the time. Some people have a knack for it and others just screw it up! I tell so many that friends find it hard to know when I'm serious or not....well...this one is the Real Deal, A No Shitter (Now why would I lie about a thing like that???)
I was in this waterin hole one time and someone made a comment about one of my hero's not being a real hero... Let me tell you right now that if you wanna rile me up just start slingin mud at my buddy Scoobie-Doo... OK ,maybe Shaggy and Scoobie were stoners ,it's possible, Yes I know they are a little paranoid and yes I know they always have the munchies but maybe running around chasing ghost makes you hungry, and maybe the villian mixed microdot in with the Scoobie Snacks or the Mystery Machine's exhaust is getting to everyone... But Scoobie-Doo has on numerous ocaisions tripped up, caught, exposed, trapped, sniffed out or uncovered the villian more than anyone on the show!!!
So I started telling the bartender I needed to use the phone to call in some back-up .
She made some smartass comment like "Who ya gonna call, Ghost Busters?" Now I'm Pissed.
Nobody's gonna get away with that king of talk... So I grabbed the next plane outta there and headed for New York "seemes this time of year all my ol runnin buddies head north for the holiday's.. when I got off the plane I just headed out, searching for some backup help...
The streets were extremely crowded and many of my friend were tied up..
Charlie Brown was busy playing football,Bullwinkle was chasing Rocky down the street,That idiot Woody Woodpecker just laughed at me, Gumby was doing the hoky-poky, Even Kermit the Frog was too busy running around with the Cat in the Hat to want to help... But at last I got a thumbs up from Garfield so I,m just gonna sit tight and ride the train back knowing help is on the way " Tell me Scoobie-Doo ain't real... Tell me I'm Lying???
Jesus and Bartenders hear it All....!!!!


Anonymous Betty said...

but everybody loves the "bartender" or atleast her mammories...Just think how she feels at the end of the night. More worn out than all these heros together! I know I would!

3:03 PM  

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